Web Developer: (Specialties, Responsibilities & SEO Tips)

Skills that can guarantee your jobs and opportunities for many years and decades to come. And one of that skills is web development. Contrary to a popular belief and you do not need a fancy degree in computer science to become a web developer and create a functional website. If you follow the instructions then you can become a web developer a lot easier and quicker than you think but it will take some hard work.

Who is a Web Developer?

We give you a simple answer to this question that web developers create and maintain websites. We also can say that they make how you experience the web. The websites that wish users to get pleasure from their expertise want sensible web developers and that they square measure typically willing to work out some money to urge these nice web developers.

Web developer’s responsibilities

We give you a list of things that web developers have to do as their responsibilities.

1. Create web pages with a combination of markup language

2. Establish a WordPress site from starting

3. Make quality  mock-ups and prototypes

4. Know HTML and CMS

5. Understand UI and UX

6. Developing and appealing websites and web applications

7. Offer website maintenance and enhancements

These are the most common needs that you should have as a web developer but your responsibilities and tasks can vary depending on the online development and your web development specialty.

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Specialties that you should be aware of as a Web Developer

Specialties that you should be aware of as a Web Developer

1. Frontend development- The tern frontend refers to stuff on a website that you can see and connect with such as menus and drop-downs, etc.

2. Backend development- To understand the term backend you can take an example like the portion of the iceberg below the surface. Without it the website can not function, The backend deals with servers, applications and databases, etc.

How can I learn web development?

We provide you a list of the things that you should learn as a web developer-

1. The basics of HTML, JavaScript and CSS

HTML, JavaScript and CSS are the nut and bolts of all website development that you will work with daily if you decide to create websites as HTML decides the structure of the websites, JavaScript will make the website function and CSS will make that website look pretty.

Now let us discuss each one of these and know that how can you learn them.

HTML- HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language and it is one of the main components of any website. HTML is also called frontend language. HTML provides the basic skeleton to a website by a series of tags. A tag is the HTML code that controls the looks of the HTML document’s content.

Here are some most common HTML tags that you should know and get familiar with-

  • <HTML>…</HTML>- This tag  show up at the beginning and end of an HTML document and it indicates that the web document is written in HTML5.
  • <title>…</title>- This title tag works as a title for the web page and this tag is useful both for search engines and users by explicitly stating the primary topic of every page.
  • <head>…</head>- This tag has information about the specific page such as title tags, metadata and links to style and scripts sheets.
  • <body>…</body>- This tag includes all content that will be shown to users and this tag includes everything they will read and see.

You should know that all HTML tags start like ‘<body>’ and end like ‘</body>’ . The ‘/’ shows that the specific tags are no longer in use but it is very important to put the end tag in. If you are not using an end tag then the entire document will use the tag that we used in starting.

CSS- CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets and it puts the style in the HTML structure. Without CSS, a web page would look boring.

JavaScript- JavaScript is a programming language that allows you to apply elements on web pages and it has some powerful features including interactive maps and 2D or 3D graphics, etc.

2. The basics of WordPress

If you want to become a web developer then you will have to get familiar with WordPress. WordPress is a free and open-source software that, 65% of websites are powered by WordPress. WordPress can be installed on any web host. Once you set up a WordPress then it becomes easy for your clients to add content by themselves even if you do not have any web development experience.

3. Know about UI and UX

UI stands for User Interface and UX stands for User Experience and these are the basics of user experience design. But most developers are not web designers and these are two different areas. It is important to note that by learning that the basics of UX [User Experience] design and you know that how a website is supposed to work.

That will keep more users on the site and can help them to find what they are looking for and will spend more money on that site. To learn about the fundamentals of design skills we recommend you to learn the Abode Creative Suite. You can first learn photoshop as it is the go for the most serious designers and in case you do not like Adobe then you can also go into Sketch, which is a rising star among web designers.

4. Learn SQL and PHP

We will add these two together because they are just like the two sides of the same coin. SQL can be defined as a database technology that can store information and PHP is a scripting language that places or pulls stuff from a database.

Let us consider the example of WordPress, it uses SQL to store and manage data like blog posts, comments,  page content and user information, etc. In a database table, PHP makes a WordPress website dynamic that helps to interact with all  of these various elements and updating the database as you go.

If you want to learn and know more about how SQL and PHP that how they work together then you can master WordPress site development which hundreds of people are looking for a daily basis on job and project boards across the globe. But this is not an easy task as you would not master all of these over a week or two. Over time passing you becoming familiar and then good at these skills.

5, Learn the fundamentals of SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it refers to the process of improving a website ranking within a search engine such as Google. SEO is one of the most important skills in an online business. Yes, it is true that most of  the website’s SEO has to be done in the content but the actual structure and code of the website play a very important role.

Now you are thinking that do you need to be an SEO expert? So the answer is no, but you have to learn the fundamentals of SEO and keep SEO in mind while you are building each website. By doing this you  will give a website a greater chance to be successful and make your web development client happier.

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SEO tips for Web Developers

SEO tips for Web Developers1. Make your meta tags optimized- on the web pages, the meta tag is the thing that tells browsers what your website is about so the good the meta tag the better the website is, the more likely browsers to click through to the website.

2. Your heading tags are in a perfect and specific order- H1 should be the main heading of any website and then you should descend through lower -level headings by the pages in such as manner i.e H2, H3, H4 and so on. This makes it easier for any search engine to navigate your website.

3.  You have to make sure that title tags properly describe the web page and the title should enhance what the web page is about.

You must dedicate 3 to 5 hours to read through resources and learning the fundamentals of SEO and this will help you to develop websites with SEO in your mind.

6. Your website should be responsive

When you are making your website then you have to be sure that your website is responsive. Responsive means that the components of the website adjust according to the screen size and this makes your website good looking whether the visitor is using a laptop or mobile.

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How to teach yourself Web Development

How to teach yourself Web DevelopmentHere we are giving you 4 steps for teaching yourself web development-

1. Choose an area of web development that excites you- In web development,you have to commit to something forever though it is easy to move to another area once you gave mastered one and you will not be limited by your choice. Let us suppose that you are familiar with PHP but you can do a lot more than someone with basic web technologies. If nothing excites you in web development then you can stick with the common technologies like PHP and JavaScript.

2.Choose a precise and achievable project- Once you have done learning the basics of web development you should try creating something without following a book of tutorials as this is the most effective way to discover weak spots in your knowledge and to learn that how to solve the problems.

Also, make sure that you should define an endpoint for the project. Depending on the area of web development you have to be specialized in certain projects that are simpler to make but worth considering.

3. Specific amount of daily practice- when you are getting started in web development you will make quick progress in some particular areas then a time comes when your progress slows and this is the time when several beginners throw up their hands.

But if you are committed to learning and practicing web development then you have to give a specific time on a daily basis. You just have to pick whatever amount of time that you can reasonably manage consistently.

4. Significant amount of training material- You have to be engaged with the material that is related to the purpose of each line of code as you are writing it but in case you are learning by rote then you are still learning.

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