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When the limitations of the packaged CMS or E-commerce solution are standing in the way of the customers agenda we are offering our custom website development option. We have extensive experience developing sites and apps of all types, complexities and budgets.

Our Approach

Our approach is to go back to basics and work out what our clients – and their users – actually need to do. We build these from the ground up, using industry standard development frameworks so it’s perfectly tailored to your needs and sustainable in the long term.

Since first impressions are important in any introductory meeting, your company’s website appearance is key to making the very best first impression. It’s only natural to obsess about design and presentation when you’re introducing a new business concept online or taking a more mundane brick-and-mortar operation to the vast audience of the web. But, in a very real sense, the look and feel of your website is just the window-dressing for your online store or business concept. Web development provides the framework and engine for a website that works, that accomplishes what you want it to get done.

Functionality Is Vital to Making Your Vision Reality

That’s why the versatile, world-class web developers at Chandigarh based 76 Degree creative are so critical to have on your team. As you can see from the projects we feature throughout our own website, we are no strangers to fine, eye-catching web design that attracts visitors. But we are just as intently focused on developing your site to retain those visitors and to encourage them to take the action you desire, be it buying a product, joining a community or otherwise engaging with your business. And, by incorporating Web 2.0 features and capabilities, our web developers extend the reach of your NJ or NY business to the wider social networking community, vastly increasing your opportunities to build the customer base of tomorrow.

Web Development Expertise That Works for You

No matter how good a website looks, it won’t retain visitors or make sales if it is slow, cumbersome and not reliable and secure. Our web developers are experts at making websites for online businesses fast, secure and highly convenient for your customers. We are immensely proud of our talented staff, who rank right up there with the most accomplished web developers not only in Chandigarh but also in NCR and Nothern Indian States. Our vast experience with state-of-the-art programming and web security techniques — and our history of developing innovative solutions custom-tailored to our customers’ specific requirements — gives you a great competitive advantage from start to finish.

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Propelling e-Commerce Solutions to the Next Level

Using the most powerful programming languages and Internet development tools, our team of web development professionals stay up-to-the-minute on all web technology developments and are innovators in their own right. We can incorporate virtually any kind of functionality you can dream up for your website. Looking for a flashy multimedia application to help draw in users? Need a way to track your gigantic inventory online? Whatever your needs, we can create a web application that meets your requirements, integrate it into a coherent website, test and fine-tune its effectiveness, and set up controls that make it easy for you to manage going forward. Our wide range of web design and development skills include:

  • Web 2.0
  • E-Commerce
  • Web Applications
  • Web Application Integration
  • Widgets
  • Interactive Website Programming
  • Flash and Multimedia Applications
  • Control Management Systems

Web 2.0 Capabilities Are Key to Growth

Our developers are thoroughly immersed in the latest techniques for encouraging online interaction and building web user communities. Whether you are looking to interact and collaborate with your website’s user community, facilitate audience members’ communication with each other through user forums, blogging, social networking, web applications or multi-media production — We is the website design company that can get it done for you.

Contact us for a free evaluation and quote. Find out how our accomplished web developers can create a solution to increase your online sales without breaking your budget. Web design and development are crucial to serious business in the 21st century. Turn our expertise and experience to your company’s advantage.

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