Outdoor Event Branding Ideas (The Business Must Use)

Outdoor Event Branding Ideas, When an event is branded well then it takes on a life of its own while maintaining the importance of the brand values of the corporate behind it. Event marketing departments reach this with a mix of digital branding as well as event application, event website, email promoting, and onsite branding including exhibition stand, banners, stage, set, badging, stand and set design.

Those who do it exceptionally well, add creativity, tone of voice, plus a trusted delegate experience to achieve a must attended event.

Why is Event branding important?

Events aren’t simply a chance to network and sell your services however it’s conjointly an opportunity to provide your whole additional exposure. During this digital era, individuals are getting additional and additional attention to advertising and looking for the new ways in which area unit effective in promoting so that your whole is crucial to making sure you get detected.

Sturdy disapproval ensures that regardless of the size of the business and your audience can keep in mind you and point out you. Finally branding and it’s vital to require an occurrence as a chance and you ought to let it shine. If you branding an interview or exhibiting at a trade event and event branding materials will considerably facilitate additional advertising promoting goals.

They’ll offer the audience a picture to recollect, a contact variety to decision, even a reputation or expression to sort into Google later. Whereas you are doing not wish to bombard your audience with advertising materials and by fastidiously putting event branding things you’ll be able to reach your promoting goals and may get new leads.

There also are a number of the product that you simply will use once promoting your business at an occurrence embrace banner walls and backdrops, banners and hanging, bunting, flags, tablecloths, and lots of additional things. There are also hundred of the way that you simply will promote your whole through event branding materials and finding a number of the simplest solutions that are supported the budget, frequency of events and what form of event you’re planning to host.

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Role of branding in the successful management of events.

Outdoor Event Branding Ideas (The Business Must Use)It does not matter that what business you are running but strong and good branding is an integral part of success. It applies to event management just like any other industry in your competitive market. Event planners should occupy something of strange space where branding is concerned. But it is rare for an event management company to be noticed in any meaningful way by their guests.

From a branding point of view your guests are secondary customers but they should enjoy the event you run and they are not the ones you are trying t0 impress but they are not the ones with whom you require to foster a positive brand identity. This honor goes to your shoppers and it conjointly goes to your vendors, event partners, guest speakers and volunteers. They’re those who cause you to career bright finally they’re those you can not ignore.

The first and therefore the most significant step in branding your event management business is to grasp that however, you would like individuals to look at it. The primary step in building your whole is to grasp specifically what your whole equals or what you would like it to equal and once you compile the list and fine- tune it the check that that you simply have to be compelled to full command of your whole to succeed into your customers and significantly your potential customers. You ought to plan to wish to require a stock of the subsequent points just in case of event management

Your Mission- Your company’s mission is that the goal that you simply started to accomplish after you based your company. What specifically is that wherever does one wishes it move into the future? What you would like to try to along with your business? Your company’s mission is the goal that you set out to accomplish when you founded your company. What exactly is that where do you want it to go in the future? What do you want to do with your business?

Your Target Audience- This is the next step that what type of clients will out ideally sign on with? For whom you serve is every bit as important as the company you work for and you have to make sure that you make it with no mistake.

Your Unique Selling Point- This is one of the tough parts and you need to form an idea that what makes your event unique. Event planning is a highly competitive market and it is something that makes you stand out from countless scores of competitors? What would people want to work with you over that other company down the road?

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Outdoor Event Branding Ideas

Outdoor Event Branding Ideas (The Business Must Use)Promotional events ideas.

You have to make sure that your event and promotional event ideas are a worthy representation of your brand. Your promotional branding ideas should communicate the message that you want to convey to your attendees.

Keeping it simple

You should make your promotional ideas simple and clear by using visuals that have color and formats that represent your brand.

Unique messaging

Your promotional ideas need to be different from one event to another. You will need to present your message uniquely at an industry trade show that you would at a public event. You must create promotional ideas that target different various prospective.


Your promotional materials in branding events need to be resonated. You can start this by trying to understand the area of interest and needs of your targeted audience.


Authenticity is the most important thing when it comes to promotional ideas in branding events. Because the promotional ideas are the base of the branding event by which you attendees build trust with your brand.

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Onsite Event Branding.

The onsite event branding should be an extension of the brand the event is for and not a completely different entity. It is a microsite and it needs to be recognizable as belonging to the organization creating the event.  You should keep these 6 important points in your mind when you are designing your onsite event branding –

Logo- Your brand’s logo is the most important and recognizable image that needs to be on your onsite event. You should make sure that the logo of your brand is used in high resolution and I am sure that you do not want a grainy logo to be the first thing potential customers sees. Adding your brand’s logo to the header or top of the page will make sure that website visitors see it. In case if your event has a logo and your firm has a different one you should put both on your event website.

Font- Some sites just offer a limited selection of fonts to choose from but you must think about the past default  and should try to find a font that is closely matched to your standard company font. Your event attendees are used to seeing your unique font and should associate it with your brand. You do not have to make  them wonder that why your onsite event branding features comic signs of your company’s website.

Color- Your onsite event color scheme should align in a way that is should compliment your logo or your company brand colors. This is not the time to change from your brand palette and should try a unique combination like some fuchsia and neon. You should keep in mind the website colors should be the same or in the same theme as company colors will make your website uniquely aligned with your brand.

Imagery- You have to make sure that the images you used should be in high resolution. Different screens have different resolutions and what looks good on a mobile screen might look blurry on a large screen, the quality of the website reflects on your brand. So if the resolution of the image you are going to use is not high enough then it might be better not to use it than to risk providing the visitor a less than a perfect viewing experience.

Tone- You must pay attention that who is this event attracting and what type of person does your company reaches? You should keep your ideal customers and your company’s branding in mind when writing copy for your business website.  And if you are planning a conference and speak professionally then you should keep in mind that  your company tone must be casual, do not use big and heavy words and abbreviations.

Simplicity- You should not complicate your website’s layout while adding graphics, sidebars and designs. You should keep your website layout simple. Do not be afraid of using white and empty space, information stand out unique when the design is simple, You should design your website in such a way that makes the main information the star of the event.

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Branding materials for events.

Outdoor Event Branding Ideas (The Business Must Use)An event brand is a mixture of factors such as event logo, set and stage design, social walls and goodie bags.

Event logo- Your event log can be small but make sure that you have to use it in creative ways. You can use it as a part of the event lighting or by projecting it onto the dance floor. You can also feature your company’s logo on screens in between the speaker sessions.

Stage design- You have to make sure that your event attendees maintain eye contact with your event brand by incorporating it into the stage design, by doing this we can create a link with your customers which will trigger positive feelings towards your company. You should create a draft of your event venue layouts and decide that how can you can incorporate branding elements smartly.

Social Walls- Social wall is digital signage that acts as a feed of aggregated live posts from different digital platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. This wall will display your live posts that have an event hashtag that is associated with your company.

Goodie- bags- Goodie bags are the gifts that your event attendees can take home with them, your event goodie- bags should reflect both the event brand and the brand values of the company. You should go for goodie- bags that are eco-friendly and should carry some useful things such as pens and diaries.

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Event Examples

Event branding examples that can help you to improve your promotion ideas-

1. Event Roadshow- Marketo’s Innovation In The Nation, event roadshows are often presented as a series of live marketing events physically spread across a given area. Activities like business meetings and conferences. Marketo’s Innovation in the Nation roadshow was shown within 11 cities. The theme of innovation is a foundation for each stop to a particular audience.

2. Networking EvenN- Lean Startups Networking Event,  networking events brings groups of individuals together for various components to form connections and events are often as formal and informal as they reflect the host’s brand. They also offer updates to prove the attendees would find like-minded individuals when they begin to arrive.

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