Real Estate lead Generation Expert In Chandigarh, Mohali (Tricity)

Real Estate lead Generation Expert In Chandigarh, Mohali (Tricity), Lead generation is the lifeline of the real estate business and this is the major reason that most real estate agents search for leads daily.

Also, there is a number of buyers who found their dream home and property through a real estate agent. Although, it is no easy to engage in real estate lead generation activities digitally. But thanks to this digital world and technology which makes real estate marketing that much easier.

Real Estate lead Generation Expert In Chandigarh

Real Estate lead Generation Expert In Chandigarh

In this digital world, the Internet plays an important role in the real estate niche as almost every home buyer starts their research online. A study concluded that almost 80 % of home consumers found details and data about the property online.

 This online world has made about 50 % of real estate agents consider keeping updated with technology and this is one of the biggest challenges in the real estate sector. A study concluded that solely 20 % of sellers showed that they wanted their house agent to use  additional online marketing methods. It is very important  for realtors to keep up a healthy pipeline of leads.

When the temperatures are beautiful and interest rates are low then you might be flooded with clients. If you are in the real estate business then you should be prepared for the unpredictable nature of real estate with armory  of fresh lead- gathering tactics. Here we give you a few strategies for thinking outside the mass mailer and ahead of the curve.

Build Partnerships

Set up a network with some other local businesses to make mutually beneficial partnerships. Yous must try some strategies such as co- hosting happy hours, sending gifts to your clients and creating local alliances. Here we provide you a list of some industries where real estate agents can make productive partnerships-

  • Bakeries- If you are sending some pies to your former clients to keep your real estate company top of prime of mind or ordering treats to create your the proper party additional sweet, therefore connecting with a bakery is rarely a foul plan for a true broker.
  • Title companies- A less glamorous partnership though no less important partnership is one you will have with local title companies and have a few- go- to companies to suggested to your clients.
  • Landscapers- We all know an adage in cooking that says ” The eye eats first”, similarly a principle that applies to real estate. Landscaping is the first impression that potential home buyers have of a home. You ought to encourage your sellers to possess their homes professionally landscaped to set the home apart from the crowd.
  • Personal Bankers- Buying a home is one of the largest financial investments in many client’s life will ever make. So, having a personal banker to run numbers by cab be a huge help for  a home buyer.
  • Commercial lenders- A loan officer is an important part of the home buying process for both buyer and seller, but most of the buyers do not have one in their back pocket. So if you have a good partnership with a commercial lender then it will give an advantage to your real estate business.
  • Cleaning services- If you are a home buyer then you also do not want to enter a home that looks a little grimy around the edges. So you should have a good partnership with cleaning services to provide discounted house cleaning to your clients.
  • Insurance companies- The insurance of the homeowners is a must but some home buyers are looking to turn their new property into rentals, business and flip- homes then in this case having the right insurance is the key.

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Facebook advertisements

Real Estate lead Generation Expert In ChandigarhFacebook is one of the best social media platforms to generate leads for your real estate business. By using Facebook ads you can target your audience by their location, interests and demographics. Facebook makes it easy and simple to find the potential clients that fit any property that you are trying to sell and be it brick and mortar or digital.

Facebook Ads cab be used as a tool that you can use to generate real estate leads at a lower price. These ads can be used on both mobile and desktop. When a user clicks on the Facebook Lead ads it shows a form that is pre- filled with their details such as name and email address all the users need to do is to confirm their particular details or can add more information to it and submit the form right on Facebook.


Blogging in real estate is one of the lead generation ideas because the business that blog 10 or more times every month they receive four times as many leads than other companies that only blog four to five times in a month. Blogging helps you to get target audience from search engines if you create target content for your business website.

But blogging is a long- term strategy  and you can also get short- term benefits like promotional opportunities for your real estate business.  You can create content that shows website visitors different goals of your business and you can also create some short guides about the places in your city that keep your audience informed and updated.

Virtual tours

Real Estate lead Generation Expert In ChandigarhThe advancement in digital technology makes it easy for real estate agents to make use of video tours, floor plans and some other equipment to create quality real estate views and leads. Virtual tours allows lead to realize the property’s environment on their own.

With virtual tours, homebuyers can see each room and look at the small details about the property and this also helps to sustain the attention and focus of your prospects which helps to imply that they see themselves connected to the property with the help of virtual tours. However, virtual tours can be quite expensive to create but they are well worth it. You can also add them to your marketing emails, websites, social media platforms and open- house notifications.


Referrals are one of the best real estate lead generation ideas that are cheaper and easier. A study revealed that 65 % of home sellers  found their agents by a referral from a friend, a neighbor or a relative and used an agent that they have worked with in the past to buy or sell a home. Referrals are an important source of creating consistency that helps to lead your real estate business.

You can get referrals from your former clients, real estate professionals and real estate referral companies, etc. It works as most people believe the word of mouth from people they know and this is the reason why most real estate agents get almost half of their income from referrals. Although, generating referrals is not as an easy task as it sounds. you need to work hard for it. Here we give you some ways that help you to generate referrals for your real estate business.

  • You must offer exceptional services that will create referrals naturally.
  • You should work together with some local business owners who have good and genuine relationships with residents and different professionals.
  • You should make rewarding plans for your clients who refer business to you.
  • You should stay engaged with your fans on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, etc.

Open houses

The open house is one of the best strategies of lead generation  for real estate agents, even if you did not sell the property so all you have to do is a list of potential home buyers whom you can contact with.

The very  first thing you have to do is to have a successful open house that generates leads is to create door hangers, flyers and postcards for publicity in your local area. You should create social media posts to highlight your created list. When the event day comes near then you should position signposts on the streets to direct people to your event. You should also run a Facebook live stream to show your fans that what is going on in your event, in this way they can both watch it live and it also provides you a recorded video of the event.

Then you can post the recorded video on your social media page and use it to generate more leads. By doing this you can capture visitors’ names and contact details which help you to follow up with them after the event. If you want to host virtual open houses then you can use Zoom or Facebook live.

Optimized landing pages

Real Estate lead Generation Expert In ChandigarhMany real estate agents are not converting website visitors to leads and the reason is that they are not sending them to a page that is optimized for conversion. A study revealed that the average website visitor will visit about two pages on your business website and will not stay longer than a single minute or two.

This means that you have a very short time  to make you visitors to your leads. Having multiple optimized landing pages on your business website that will help you to quickly get their details and convert your visitors into your leads. A study revealed that companies with 10 to 15 landing pages can increase their leads by 55 %. This means that making exceptional landing pages that are optimized to get emails and phone calls from the incoming traffic.

There is several different landing pages for real estate business like home valuation landing pages. appointment booking landing pages, luxury landing pages, community landing pages and buyer guide landing pages. There is a number of elements that can help you to make an optimized landing page for your real estate business such as (a) an attractive, clear and concise headline that will show your business value, (b) an explained, brief and captivating subheading, (c) the benefits of your offerings, (d) a single call to action, (e) social proof, (f) strong visuals.

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Put a sign on a selling property

Banners and house- front signage are some of the best options of lead generation for real estate agents. You can make use of the property that you want to sell or even your house to advertise your real estate business. Putting a sign on selling property is very effective in a place where there are lots of foot traffic.

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