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Real estate marketing expert in Chandigarh, We know that it is a difficult task to develop real estate marketing ideas day in day out that meet criteria when you spend time on the road meeting with clients. The real estate sector had some ups and downs over the past years as the National Association of Realtors hit all-time high in 2006 with 1,357,000 realtors before dropping subsequently with the housing financial crisis.

Although the real estate sector rock bottom in 2012 with 999,000 members and it has been increasing and with about 1,100,00 members in 2014 but the competition in real estate is heating up. The competition is fierce but these days you will  need expert online and offline marketing skills that make us apart from the others.

Real Estate Marketing Expert In Chandigarh

Real Estate Marketing Expert In Chandigarh

Our real estate agents are still key in the home buying process, buyers are increasingly looking to do more leg work online before we are involved as the real estate experts. Our brand provides an immediate understanding of who we are, our expertise and how we are positioned to help our clients. Here we are going to give you some best real estate marketing qualities that we have


Real Estate Marketing Expert In Chandigarh

We have set up for social media

We have social media accounts on all networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and Pinterest. We believe that interaction with users share good press helps to promote your properties.

We have a responsive social media website that our pages provide perfect information no matter what type of device you are using like desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile phone.

Add social sharing to property pages

We know that home shopper are eager to share their housing pictures with family and friends so we make it easy to home buyers to email and share different properties online by using social media sharing buttons.

We promote our services on social media pages and try to grow. We share our business posts on the wall of the client’s home we are advertising. This will help our client to know the types of property that we selling and it also promotes that post to all of the client’s connections.

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We tend to keep an eye fixed on the competition

We keep our eye on other realtors in our area that what they are doing, how their websites look like and how active are they are on social media networks. We tend to note what competitors do then avoid their mistakes and replicate their success.

Real Estate Marketing Expert In Chandigarh

We make ourselves easy to contact

We put our contact information on every page of our website. We have an impressive contact us page that helps to grab the attention of the home buyers.

We create an explainer video that goes into detail about our real estate agency

Real Estate Marketing Expert In Chandigarh

It helps to differentiate our business from other agents in the competitive market. These videos are meant to be serious as they all depend on our business values and make our business agency successful. We know that personality plays an important role in the decision- making of buyers and sellers so these videos have some fun parts also while still getting the information that is essential for buyers to know about our real estate agency.

We make use of local images

In many ways we tend to do not seem to be simply marketing a house, we tend to do marketing an entire city or space. We have the simplest to supply that our space has prime quality, stunning photos of native city landmarks and acquainted sites.

We tend to produce  irresistible content that offers to capture leads

We manufacture an associate ebook that encompasses a range of things a replacement home owner ought to think about before buying or most valuable features of a new home. Offering free ebooks in exchange  for an email address and zip code, in the case of real estate is a great way to get leads.

We have a pro photographer

Our successful real estate advertising depends heavily on photography. Bad photographs will plummet interest in even the best of properties. It is important that we have amazing photographs of the property.

We hired a professional photographer  that had experience in photographing homes and architecture and have sophisticated equipment and was confident in his abilities. This is one of those scenarios when it pays to bring in a professional photographer. There are tons of options of great resources that offer in -depth about real estate photography.

We created a virtual tour

We believe that your client’s time is precious and they want to understand as much as possible about a property before visiting in person. A virtual tour is a great way to give a detailed and accurate preview of the property for home buyers.

We make use of high -resolution virtual tours across social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. We use hashtags that are related to the location of the property and its selling points that help to entice the audience to view more on our business website.

We have local sponsorship consider helping sponsor local festivals, sports teams or school events. We have a belief that signing up as a local sponsor often means getting your business a spot on t- shirts, flyers or pamphlets.

We create animated videos

We consider outsourcing a quality animated video for our real estate business. We create short, cute and high -quality cartoon videos that can help to build your brand and give a touch of personality. We want to consider featuring local landmarks or websites on our animated video to make it ultra- unique and targeted. Our animated video does not have to be super sophisticated and simple.

We have Pinterest boards

We have Pinterest boards that are a great way to provide images and information for specific listings. If we created a Pinterest board for a particular property then we add the best photographs of that property and we highlight major benefits and advantages of the area.

Real Estate Marketing Agency In Chandigarh

We have mobile- friendly site

We know that consumers spend lots of hours on their mobile devices as a recent study shows that 80 % of internet users use their mobile devices for just online activity. It is important that we have mobile -friendly site. We consider that creating  a mobile application that use by the buyers to review the list of several properties.

We have created a newsletter

Marketing through emails is one of the best ways to build good relationships with clients. Our clients collect emails from our website, local outreach that we can think of. We send our email subscribers the content that they are looking for like our upcoming housing projects, new houses in the real estate market, notifications about upcoming seminars that we are offering in that particular area.

In case we are working in different geographical areas then we will segment our newsletter subscribers that are based on their particular location and ensuring that they only get the relevant information and updates from us.

We started an email nurture campaign

We believe that nurture campaigns help clients to find their dream home. Our clients firstly attend an open house with us then we send them an email that has all details about nearby houses in the market and if that client has attended our first time home buyer’s seminar then we will send them things that new home buyers should know. That content will help our clients to take the appropriate next step that depends on where they are in their home buying journey.

We have built Google My Business Page

Our Google My Business Page is the latest in Google location -based pages if our clients are feeling confused then they do not have to worry it is the same idea as Google Places for Business and Google + Pages. We set up a Google My Business account that makes it easy  to find us on Google Maps, Google Search and Google +.

We consider going Niche

If we have got some real estate marketing competition in our area then we consider making us stand out of the competitive market by going niche. We make a name for us in regards to a specific niche need that can make us memorable in saturated zip codes. A good niche marketing strategy in real estate focuses on a granular subsection of the market. Location, property type, demographics and there are some other crucial factors that should be researched before a buyer begins search for a house listing.

Real Estate Marketing Company In Chandigarh

We tell stories about the home

We make use of emotional storytelling that contains emotional and powerful visual elements as humans respond to that stories are heart- touching and are good ones and clients will flock to us. Real estate listings are not just square feet, lot size, number of bedrooms and baths.,etc but we tell the buyer the emotional side of the place where they are going to live. Story -based listings that built the home’s facts and figures into the story romance the things and make them alive.

We host a webinar

We feel comfortable hosting a webinar that can be a great way to gather attention for our business. Our webinar provides question and answer round at the end of the webinar. Webinars can also be telecast on YouTube as valuable video content that can live permanently on our official website. Before launching a webinar it is important to consider the goals, once the goals are decided then there is a number of topics that will be perfect to present in a webinar form. Webinars are ideal to present complicated topics easily and understandably.

We are on social media ads

We believe in dish out dough for paid ads on social media networks. We know that with organic reach confusing on popular social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, etc. paid ads on these social media platforms are very effective in many ways as these social media ads help us to get our company in front of clients. Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram have a number of targeting features that make sure that we are only paying to get noticed by our key target clients.

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