Case Study: Parchoon Plus

Android App and Brand Development


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The concept of Parchoon Plus app was not absolutely unique. It was like any other Grocery apps available on Play Store. But it was challenging because with so many apps already exists, we have to be bit different and more user-friendly. We were sure of delivering the exact app following their requirements strictly. The motive of the app was straightforward, Signup to the app, explore the products categories and order the things needed and those can be delivered on the user’s address on the user decided time.



Facebook Integration

A very rigid constraint demanded by the client was to have a Facebook integration. The only way to step inside this application and utilize the offered particularities must be to log inside only with the Facebook credentials and coalesce with his friends.

Payment Gateway Integration

The app was for Cash on Delivery (COD) type, but there was the integration of Paypal and for pre Payment. Paypal and are the industry leading payment gateway providers which are used all over the world. The other payment gateway was PaisaPay.

OTP Login

The client want’s the mobile number of the user to be saved and used for One Time Password (OTP) for future transactions and offline orders as well. The OTP was also used for resetting the password of users and while signup of the users to verify their details and mobile numbers.

E-commerce Integration

As the app is a grocery store, so the e-commerce integration is a must be a feature in the app. So we decided the app to have the most user-friendly User Interface, So we designed the interface which is very straight forward to the users and Integrate that with the e-commerce functionality of the app.

Push Notifications

The app also has features of push notification regarding the offers, deals, and the Order Details. The push notification is for Offers, Deals, Order Complete, Order Placed, Password Change, Ordered Delivered.

Google Location Tracking and Map API

As the client was delivering the products in restricted areas, so he wants the location of the user to be traced and then the app to be worked. The app will work only on those areas where client delivers the orders. So we have integrated Google Maps API and Geo Location in the App.


Created and designed by Google, Material Design is a design language that combines the classic principles of successful design along with innovation and technology. Google’s goal is to develop a system of design that allows for a unified user experience across all their products on any platform.Material design is a comprehensive guide for visual, motion, and interaction design across platforms and devices. Android now includes support for material design apps.

Client want’s the App to be clean and fast, so we have decided to design the app in Material Design. As we all know Google’s Material Design is the best in terms of productivity and management.

Working on Material Design was really a fun. This was our first App on Material design, in past, we were using custom UI and then design the app based on clients needs. But Material Design saves half of our time which we used on providing a quality solution in terms of Features.


For 100% satisfactory deliberate putting heads together, our team has come up with several solutions, which are analyzed efficiently and effectively to build the expected application. They have the ability to provide all the features needed by the client and also tackle all the challenges we faced.

  1. It obviously takes a bit more effort to integrate with Facebook and use its credentials to penetrate through the application. This way can substantiate to be a secure step to initiate the utilization of this application.
  2. For OTP, we choose TWILIO from many of the Message APIs in the market. The reason for choosing Twilio is not anythings special.It’s because we used their services in past and they are awesome in it.
  3. For push notification, we used Google Cloud Messaging as its created by Google itself for this purpose and its get integrated seamlessly with any version of Android App.
  4. Geolocation is also the feature which is needed in the app and GPS tracking is a very old method to do so. many times GPS tell pre-cached location which is not suitable for the app. So we decided to track the location via WiFi.

“We feel very lucky to let 76 Degree Creative work on our App and Brand Development. They are superb in their work and communication. We love the app design and logo provided by them was fully as per our needs.”

– Ashish Sharma