Case Study: Lovers’ Yoga

Responsive Website Development

Darrin Zeer from Lovers’ Yoga is ready to elevate your intimate connection with your partner, while enjoying all of the health and relaxation benefits of yoga? Do you feel like you could use some relaxation and your sex life needs a little inspiration? Well, that’s precisely what you can expect when you practice Lovers’ Yoga. Sometimes referred to as Couples yoga or Partner yoga, just with extra Oomph.

Darrin Zeer, regarded as America’s Relaxation expert, created this user friendly Tantric workout. A stress management program for couples that is filled with romance. Feel so in love with your partner that you just can’t help but give them a kiss (it’s encouraged).

After an exhaustive search for the right partner, the company chose 76 Degree Creative to design and engineer a new digital platform that they can use to get in touch with there users and teach them more about the yoga techniques.

We partnered with Darrin Zeer to develop there fully responsive website to meet the needs of modern worls and give there users ability to visit there wesbite from any device including wearables.


  • Strategy
  • Product Road mapping
  • Development Research
  • Branding


“It’s a fun journey into more love, intimacy & play with your partner, without stress or struggle.”



Darrin is a creative thinker himself, he had design already in his mind and he hired a designing firm to get his idea into life in terms of PSD designing. After that he hired 76 Degree Creative Team to further work on the design and take that design to get a full responsive website. He was quite sure that he want to have this website with WordPress Framework, as he has some experience of using it.

So our team sit with Darrin and see what are the most important things and features which are needed to be highlighted. After the meting we started our development process and we created a custom WordPress theme with all sort of options which he can use to customize his website without any developer assistance.

There continuous feedback and involvement in the website development was a great benefit in our development process. That help us improving the site to a good extent.


An amazing front-end experience is only possible with use of up to date technology solution backing it. Our main motive is to provide the best experience to the users and also the client so that they can make small changes without any hassle and save there money and time as well.

To achieve this we integrated Page Builder with the theme so that it become easy and fast to update of edit the things. For e-commerce part we used Woo-commerce as base. This is a best and most used plugin ever in e-commerce industry.

“We feel very lucky to let 76 Degree Creative work on our website. They are superb in there work and communication. There process or working and taking feedbacks on updations are recommendable.”

– Darrin Zeer